The Many Personalities of Diadoumenos!

Original photograph of the Disdoumenos statue.

Diadoumenos - the original photograph that started it all!

Back at the beginning of April, immediately after the Easter holiday, I began participating in #the100dayproject, facilitated by @elleluna and @lindsayjeanthomson over on Instagram. The idea is to undertake to 'create' something each day for 100 days. Naturally, I decided to work around my photographic images but - What to Choose?

Obviously, it meant producing a new image every day but should that be a totally different image or a variation of the same image? I decided to go with the latter and chose one of my favourite photographs, the statue of an ancient Greek athlete that is known as Diadoumenos or the Diadem Bearer. The statue can be found in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and my photograph (which isn't fabulous quality) dates back to the 1980s !

Diadoumenos in Blue Pointillist Style.

Being a favourite colour, blue will feature a lot!

The reference to the 'diadem' in the statue's title is the victor's ribbon that he is tying around his head as the winner of his event. (The arms and the bronze ribbon itself have been lost from this statue.) I find it unusual that he is not displaying joy or triumphalism in his demeanor, only, it seems, quiet contemplation.

Diadoumenos with Grafitti

Diadoumenos with Grafitti.


My images are all produced by digital manipulation and I find it quite amazing to see just how a single image can be altered in so many ways. This one lends itself to many interpretations or incarnations as I like to think! I particularly like this grafitti version and have had it made into a postcard sample.

Cut Paper Collage of Diadoumenos by Derrick Armitage

A Handmade Paper collage of Diadoumenos

To test my non-photographic talents (?) I had a go at making a paper collage image using one of my digital versions as inspiration. Must admit I'm quite pleased with the colourful, abstract-style outcome!

Diadoumenos with Fiery Eyes.

A fiery Diadoumenos.


Diadoumenos as the Greek wind god, Notus.

Diadoumenos as Notus

On the left is an image I created some time ago. The fire in his eyes persuaded me that, with a few tweaks, it would work well as an interpretation of the Greek wind god, Notus. He is the god of the south wind, hot and desiccating, bringer of late summer storms and the destroyer of crops (quite the opposite of our gentle Diadoumenos really!).

Nevertheless, Notus now forms part of a quartet of framed giclee prints, including his three brothers. You'll find an image of Zephyrus, the west wind, in my previous blog post and all four of them can be found in the online shop or over on Etsy at DartworldByDerrick along with other greetings cards and postcards.


The 100 day project is proving to be a great challenge and I'm really enjoying discovering the many personalities of Diadoumenos. I hope you'll join me over on Instagram and by following the hashtag see the wonderful daily creations of many talented artist/makers.