Set of Four Postcards - Blue Mood!


Set of Four Postcards - Blue Mood!

7 x 5 inches | card
This set of four high quality postcards feature characters from the ancient world. Each image started out as a photograph and has then undergone digital manipulation to produce a very different style of picture.

You will receive ONE of each card in the set. The four cards are:

Youth of Antikythera - this ancient Greek bronze statue was discovered beneath the sea just off the coast near Antikythera. My image seeks to replicate that watery resting place.
Diadoumenos - the statue of an ancient Greek athlete. Also known as the Diadem Bearer for the victor's ribbon he received after winning his event. I have created various versions of this image. This one uses a blue background.
Rameses II - Known as Rameses the Great, his statues dominate sites across ancient Egypt. This one can be found in Luxor.
Zephyrus - Greek god of the west wind. This is a cut down version of my giclee print from a set depicting the four winds. Zephyrus is the gentlest wind, fructifying and a messenger of Spring.

Each postcard is 7 x 5 inches, is printed on thick card and has a matt finish. The reverse is blank except for the DArTworld logo printed in one corner.

These cards will be a delight to send or to keep!
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