Hello and welcome to DArTworld - my world of two halves - I'm Derrick Armitage, the DA in DArTworld!

Beaded Beasties is my mixed media box frame art. I use new and recycled materials including beads, card, cord, pebbles, shells and more to create beaded dragonflies and other insects with elements of their environments. They aren't intended to be anatomically accurate but colourful representations of these 'jewels of nature'.

Digital Imaginings is my portfolio of images, created from my own photographs, on cards and prints - mixing vibrant colour, reality and imagination. DArTworld stands for digital art too - win win!

I love history and the ancient world, both of which find their way into my images but I live in the real world too and you'll see that in my work. Each image may go through a little or a lot of digital manipulation; the styles vary but they all offer lots of colour (unless they're monochrome!).

I hope you'll enjoy looking through the website. You can also find me on Instagram (my favourite social media platform), Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (when I remember!). All the links are at the foot of each page.

For more information or if you have any particular questions, please get in touch. You'll find all the relevant details on the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting and Happy Shopping!